J Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofac Surg 2013; 39(2): 55~62
Modulation of osteoblastic/odontoblastic differentiation of adult mesenchymal stem cells through gene introduction: a brief review
Ji-Youn Kim1, Myung-Rae Kim2, Sun-Jong Kim2
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Bone tissue engineering is one of the important therapeutic approaches to the regeneration of bones in the entire field of regeneration medicine. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are actively discussed as material for bone tissue engineering due to their ability to differentiate into autologous bone. MSCs are able to differentiate into different lineages: osteo/odontogenic, adipogenic, and neurogenic. The tissue of origin for MSCs defines them as bone marrow-derived stem cells, adipose tissue-derived stem cells, and, among many others, dental stem cells. According to the tissue of origin, DSCs are further stratified into dental pulp stem cells, periodontal ligament stem cells, stem cells from apical papilla, stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth, dental follicle precursor cells, and dental papilla cells. There are numerous in vitro/in vivo reports suggesting successful mineralization potential or osteo/odontogenic ability of MSCs. Still, there is further need for the optimization of MSCs-based tissue engineering methods, and the introduction of genes related to osteo/odontogenic differentiation into MSCs might aid in the process. In this review, articles that reported enhanced osteo/odontogenic differentiation with gene introduction into MSCs will be discussed to provide a background for successful bone tissue engineering using MSCs with artificially introduced genes.
Keywords: Mesenchymal stromal cells, Cell differentiation, Osteoblasts, Odontoblasts, Genes, Transfection

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31 August 2021
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