J Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofac Surg 2006; 32(5): 482~487
The literature review on the sinus bone graft using deproteinized bovine bone mineral with lateral approach
Soon-Min Hong
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As the uses of dental implants are prevailing, the need for sinus bone graft is increasing. Deproteinized bovine bone mineral (DBBM) was not mentioned in 1996 Sinus Bone Graft because of the deficit of the available data. Since then, many clinical and laboratory reports support the use of DBBM in the sinus bone graft procedure. In this report, the histological and clinical successes of sinus bone grafting with DBBM is discussed with available literatures. After sinus bone grafts with DBBM, the proportion of new bone formed was similar or superior to natural maxillary posterior alveolar bone after healing period of 6 months to 1 year. It seems that the grafted DBBM is not be either resorbed nor replaced with bone, but this may not disturb the osseointegration of dental implants installed into it. The clinical survival rates of dental implants installed on the sinus grafted with DBBM was similar to those installed on the ungrafted posterior maxillary alveolar ridge or grafted with autogenous bone. So, it can be concluded that DBBM can be used successfully in the sinus bone graft.
Keywords: Dental implants, Bone graft, Maxillary sinus, Bovine bone, Xenograft

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