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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Representative transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images of A4 sialolith (A-D), B1 tonsillolith (E-H), and C2 antrolth (I-L). Layered appearance of the sialolith showing the globular mineralized structure in internal lamella, (blue arrowheads), while the crystalline needle-like pattern was heterogeneous (yellow arrowheads), magnification 2,000×, 10,000× (A, B). Needle-like filamentary crystals, magnification 2,000×, 20,000× (C, D). Representative TEM images of B1 tonsillolith. The B1 tonsillolith had stratified squamous epithelium in its peripheral area, magnification 2,000×, 10,000× (E, F). Needle-like crystals in the core region and extra-vesicular deposition of inorganic material were also observed, magnification 10,000× (G, H). Representative TEM images of C2 antrolith. Outer layer showing osteoblastic rimming, magnification 2,000×, 10,000× (I, J). Dense, mature, predominantly lamellar bone in the middle area of the specimen, magnification 2,000×, 10,000× (K, L).
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