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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

FD values and GSVs after implant surgery and 12 months postoperative on DPR and reformatted panoramic images of CBCT (n=60)

Timing Mean±SD
After implant surgery DPR distal FD 1.17±0.09
DPR apical FD 1.14±0.09
DPR mesial FD 1.14±0.09
CBCT distal FD 1.18±0.07
CBCT apical FD 1.16±0.08
CBCT mesial FD 1.15±0.07
Apical GSV 2,118.53±366.00
12 months postoperative DPR distal FD 1.17±0.08
DPR apical FD 1.15±0.07
DPR mesial FD 1.15±0.08
CBCT distal FD 1.18±0.06
CBCT apical FD 1.15±0.07
CBCT mesial FD 1.16±0.07
Apical GSV 2,206.05±292.93

(FD: fractal dimension, GSVs: grayscale values, DPR: digital panoramic radiography, CBCT: cone-beam computed tomography, SD: standard deviation)

J Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofac Surg 2022;48:41~49