J Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofac Surg 2020; 46(6): 443~444
Corrigendum: Retrospective study of osteoradionecrosis in the jaws of patients with head and neck cancer
Brena Rodrigues Manzano, Natália Garcia Santaella, Marco Aurélio Oliveira, Cássia Maria Fischer Rubira, Paulo Sérgio da Silva Santos
Departament of Surgery, Stomatology, Pathology and Radiology, Bauru School of Dentistry, University of São Paulo, Bauru, Brazil
; Published online December 31, 2020.
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This correction is being published to correct the Tables. In Tables 2-4, corrections are underlined.

In Table 2, there was an overlap of 2 individuals included in “others”, which ranged from 12 (8.6%) to 10 (7.1%). In Table 3, 20 other oral cancer patients and 30 other patients with tumors in the head and neck did not present osteoradionecrosis (ORN), and they were added to a total of 139 patients. In Table 4, the incidence of ORN according to each antineoplastic treatment modality in 139 patients, was 10/60 (60.0%) radiotherapy (RT), 6/32 (18.8%) RT+chemotherapy (CT)+surgery, 4/30 (13.3%) RT+surgery, and 4/67 (5.9%) RT+CT. The changes in all tables did not change the order of incidence of the factors; thus, the changes clarify the mathematical doubts of readers without invalidating our study.

The authors apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

After correction


Tumor sites in 139 patients irradiated in the head and neck area

Site Value
Oropharynx 53 (38.1)
Oral cavity 44 (31.7)
Larynx 20 (14.4)
Hypopharynx 4 (2.9)
Nasopharynx 8 (5.8)
Others1 10 (7.1)

1Tumors of the parotid, maxillary sinus, skin, brain, thyroid, and hypophysis.

Values are presented as number (%).

Incidence of ORN in irradiated HCN according to tumor location

Primary tumor Value
Oral cancer (n=11)
Mouthfloor SCC 7/10 (70.0)
Alveolar ridge SCC 1/2 (50.0)
Buccal mucosa SCC 2/7 (28.6)
Palate adenocarcinoma 1/9 (11.1)
Others oral region 1 0/20 (0)
Skin SCC 1/1 (100)
Oral cancer+oropharynx cancer 2/4 (50.0)
Nasopharynx cancer 1/8 (12.5)
Oropharynx 5/48 (10.4)
Other 2 0/30 (0)

(ORN: osteoradionecrosis, HCN: head and neck cancer, SCC: squamous cell carcinoma)

1 Other oral cancer: retromolar. tongue, lower lip.

2 Other: breasts, cervical, thyroid, head, hypopharynx, pharynx, larynx.

Values are presented as number (ORN/total tumors) (%).

Incidence of ORN according to antineoplastic treatment

Radiotherapy Value
RT 6/10 (60.0)
RT+CT+surgery 6/32 (18.8)
RT+surgery 4/30 (13.3)
RT+CT 4/67 (5.9)
Type of RT
Cobalt/conventional 10/54 (18.5)
IMRT 8/53 (15.1)
3D-CRT 1/14 (7.1)
Not informed 1/18 (5.6)

(ORN: osteoradionecrosis, RT: radiotherapy, CT: chemotherapy, IMRT: intensity-modulated radiation therapy, 3D-CRT: three- dimensional conformal radiation therapy)

Values are presented as number (ORN/antineoplasic treatment) (%).

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